Case Study

FoodTec featuring Nino's

A True and Seamless POS Integration Tool

Nino’s has integrated FoodTec’s loyalty program, email marketing, POS and data warehousing, Smart Couponing and employee reports solutions at all of its locations. The best part of Nino’s having all of these features is that they all work well in tandem, as a combined, integrated POS solution.

For instance, by using FoodTec’s Web ordering tool, Nino’s can then, through the data warehousing tool, receive automated reports of the specific items that customers are ordering each time. Say a customer orders a plain pizza and meatball hero each week, the data warehousing tool will record that in system, and then can generate a personalized email to the customer with an online coupon for those specific items; it basically involves taking one client ID and integrating all of these features together based on customer analytics and data

Furthermore, by working with just one company that can provide Nino’s with all of these integrated features via one system, Arbuet can avoid the extra time and possible stress it would cause him by working with a different vendor on each product individually. This way, there are no communication breakdowns or service interruptions since Arbuet is working with FoodTec on his entire POS-integrated system.

Work with just one company; FoodTec. No outsourced representatives, no third party vendors!

The power of FoodTec is that everything works together very well and is integrated in a way that is great for my business.

Victor Arbuet

FoodTec’s integrated POS system is also one that has been created in-house, by FoodTec engineers and developers. For Arbuet, if he ever has an issue or a question, he will always be able to directly speak with someone at FoodTec, not an outsourced representative. Dan Flaherty, one of FoodTec’s sales managers, who has worked directly with Victor over the last few years, can attest to Arbuet’s assessment.

Build in-house, by FoodTec engineers and developers.

At FoodTec, we build every tool here ourselves. It’s true integration,” Flaherty said. “Other vendors might say they own everything outright, but that is usually through acquisition. Unless you are truly building it out yourself, then there are real differences.

Dan Flaherty

Nino’s also utilizes FoodTec’s Web Ordering tool, which according to Arbuet has helped to jump-start and increase their online ordering profits by 30%. Arbuet adds that the Web Ordering tool has also improved on employee efficiency in that he doesn’t need to have someone dedicated to taking and processing phone orders, when most are received online. He can now move those employees to other areas of the business, such as drivers, or counter people, where they can be better-utilized.

With Web Ordering, it has helped us with employee efficiency, and we have less people working the phones, taking orders. The customer service (with Web Ordering) is great because of what you can do with the system…the everyday improvement is unreal.

Furthering its commitment to incorporating a truly integrated POS system, Nino’s recently added FoodTec’s Delivery IQ solution, which is known as the first POS-integrated delivery optimization app. Introduced last year, Delivery IQ is a mobile app designed to track delivery drivers via GPS so that they can communicate their progress and ETA to the customer as well as kitchen and operations staff. According to Arbuet, since installing Delivery IQ, he has cut his delivery times down by five minutes per customer, as well as decreasing the amount of drivers out during especially busy times.


With 300 employees (including delivery drivers) spread across nine locations, Nino’s is definitely benefiting from all of these seamlessly integrated POS solutions, and they have been able to work with a company that is the best in the business at doing this, and will be for years to come.

A Synergistic Relationship

And the relationship is two-fold with Nino’s Pizza (and Arbuet). According to Andrew Bounas, FoodTec’s CEO, he appreciates not only the business his company receives from Arbuet, but also that he is a forward-thinker, who believes in constant technology improvement—a definite synergy between the two companies.


They are always driving toward solutions, and they are not buying them just for the sake of technology. They are not about ‘fluff,’ and more about how they can improve their margins and customer service; they are good businesspeople, and that’s what I truly appreciate about them.

Andrew Bounas


Arbuet also credits his relationship with FoodTec as one that is focused on trust and authenticity. He says one of the many reasons why he has continued his 10+ year relationship with FoodTec is because they don’t outsource any of their solutions—everything is created and produced in-house, by the company itself.


The experience I have had with FoodTec has been great. They always listen to what I have to say. If you tell them what you want for your system, they make it happen, and they get it done. Also, their customer service is fantastic; anytime we have a problem, their response time is great; I am very happy with them.

Victor Arbuet

Nino’s Pizza story / background

You could probably say that the pizzeria business has always been something on Victor Arbuet’s mind.


Arbuet's begins his foray into the hospitality industry, working with his uncles in the family pizzeria.


Goes off to obtain his college education.


(1990): Opens the first of the now nine Nino’s Pizza locations.


(1990s): Opens 3 more stores (one in Pennsylvania and two in Maryland)


(1990s): Begins with a POS system that he said was just "OK".


(2000s): Expands his pizzeria locations.


(2003): Enter Foodtec Solutions, with whom Arbuet began working with in 2003.