Automated Campaigns with Target Market

What if your email marketing ran automatically, with no extra time or hassle required by you. That would be great, would it not?

Target Market - from FoodTec Solutions - enables you to do exactly that. You set it up once and it takes over from there it runs all your email marketing campaigns automatically  with no further involvement required from you. In short, with automated email marketing by Target Market you build customer engagement and sales automatically.

How it works

Target Market goes way beyond your typical email marketing programs because it fully integrates with your POS. This enables you to set up targeted, personalized email campaigns that are action-prompting and sales-converting. For example, you can send a 15% off offer to every customer that hasn't order in forty days to re-engage them. This is possible thanks to its POS integration and features such as email customization, surveys and tagging, and automated campaigns.


Target Market lets you serve your customers better with targeted, personalized offers. This benefits your customers in terms of experience and satisfaction, and you in terms of brand awareness, loyalty, and of course, sales.

Key Features

Set it & forget it

Once you set up an automated campaign, that is, choose an email template, a promo offer, filters, and run duration, you're all set. The campaign will run automatically engaging your customers and generating additional revenue for your business. Our dedicated Target Market team can set up your campaigns.

Custom triggers and filters

Take advantage of your single-customer database to run laser-focused campaigns. For instance, send a 15% coupon to every customer that has spent over $200 the previous month, or a 10% promo offer to a customer that hasn't order in 20 days. Check our survey and campaign filters pages on how to use tags and filters.

New customer campaign

Every day, send a "Special Offer" email to new customers as a way to welcome them. You can choose what will trigger this campaign. For example, you can choose to send out this special message right after the customer has placed his/her first order, or you can send it on the following day.

Birthday campaigns

This campaign lets you treat your customers with special birthday promo offers. Getting special treatment from your favorite restaurant is hard to pass up.

Lazy Customer Campaign

Every day, automatically send a "Special Offer" promo to customers who haven't placed an order in the past 30, 60, or 90 days - or for that matter, any timeframe of your choice.

Campaign Reports

For every campaign you get a performance report email. This shows metrics such as email open rate and click rate, and lets you know which emails triggered sales. In other words, campaign reports tell you just how effective your campaigns are and enables you to make data-informed adjustments to improve their impact. Learn more

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