Target Market's Campaign Filters

For effective email campaigns you must send to your customers tailored promo offers, not generic ones. Enter campaign filters. This Target Market feature enables you to send truly targeted email campaigns. Target Market is POS integrated. This enables you to filter for any customer detail in your database - for examples, (a) how many orders placed last week and (b) what half-and-half topping a certain customer prefers.

How it works

Target Market's filters make it easy to optimize your email campaigns. For instance, you can set up a Lazy Online Customer 90 filter which lets you reach customers that haven't placed an online order in 90 days. There are hundreds of filter combinations you can apply for sending laser-focused, personalized emails that improve customer engagement and encourage more spending. Use each filter individually or in combination to create significantly targeted campaigns based on your customers' ordering habits and preferences.


By using Target Market filters, especially if you use them in combination, you can run highly targeted campaigns that are appealing and sales-generating. Send laser-focused coupons at a time your customer is looking for one.

Key Features

Customer Habit Filters

Customize your promo emails by applying customer habit filters on:

  1. Order frequency - for instance, target customers with less than /more than/exactly 4 orders
  2. Customer spending - for instance, target customers that spent less than/ more than/ exactly $50.

These and other filters let you reward frequent customers and re-engage occasional ones.

Survey tags

Use your customers' survey responses as filters to send them a special offer. For instance, if you know your customers' favorite pizza from a survey, then you can send a coupon to everyone who said BBQ Chicken is their favorite pizza.

Lazy customers

This filter identifies customers who haven't ordered from you in a specific time frame, for instance 30 days or 5 weeks, and can be set to automatically run, sending your customers exclusive promo emails to motivate them to order again.

Happy birthday

This filter identifies customers with upcoming birthdays and helps you give your customers special treatment with exclusive offers. Not only will customers engage but they will find this type of interaction meaningful, memorable, and shareworthy!

Customers with expiring coupons

This filter targets customers with unredeemed coupons. By reminding your customers that their coupon expires soon you're increasing the chances of them placing an order.

Random customer subsets

This filter lets you set a limit on how many people to target per campaign. If for instance, you're sending a promo to your Loyalty customers, you can apply this filter to randomly select only six-hundred out of thousands of customers.

Target customers engagement

Identify customers according to campaign engagement, for example, target those who have received, opened, or clicked an email offer. Then re-target them with a new campaign.

Customer type

This filter lets you send tailored offers according to the type of customer you're reaching out to, for instance a college, apartment, or office customer.

Target by email address

Target customers working at a particular company or organization. For example, target all your customers that work at FoodTec with the filter, "".

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