Target Market's Campaign Reports

Campaign reports let you know just how effective your email campaigns are. Learn the exact number of customers that opened, read, and clicked through your campaigns, and find out how many customers have placed an order thanks to your promo emails.

It's an essential Target Market feature that lets you send even more targeted email campaigns.

How it works

Campaign reports give you insightful data to help you optimize your email marketing. Access reports on email performance, recipient activity, and email-triggered sales to learn each campaign's impact and ROI. Campaign reporting offers important metrics like,

  • emails sent
  • emails read
  • email clicked through
  • unsubscribes and more

These campaign reports are available to you through your Target Market dashboard and help fine-tune your promo emails for maximum engagement.


With marketing campaign reporting you know exactly how appealing and effective your email offers are. Insightful data like email opens and email clicks let you improve the design, content and type of offer to further improve customer engagement and trigger more spending.

Key Features

Overall & per-campaign performance

Analyze the data for each email campaign you send to discover which campaigns are the most appealing and which need tweaking. In the restaurant industry for instance, 24% is the average open rate.

Sales report

Since Target Market is tightly integrated with your POS, you can see which subscribers redeemed the discount or freebie you sent them and how much sales each email generated.

Campaign report email

Once a campaign is completed, you will receive an email with campaign performance data along with a link to in-depth campaign reporting. Evaluate the data to further fine-tune your future campaigns.

Email links performance

See how many times your customers clicked on email links, for instance, the offer image, your restaurant logo, or the "place an order now" button.


Track the number of people who unsubscribed from your email list. For instance, if your subject line includes words like "Free", "% OFF", and "Today" they might appear too salesy and annoying to customers, urging them to click the Unsubscribe button.

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