Delivery IQ for consumers

Improve customer satisfaction and minimize delivery woes by enabling your customers to track their orders online. Customers promptly prepare for order payment avoiding unnecessary delays for both driver and customer.

How it works

Delivery IQ is linked to Order Tracker; which is the food tracking interface for your customers. On the Order Tracker page, consumers get order information like delivery time, real-time driver position as well as other order and driver details. This gives your customers plenty of information, which reduces "Where's my order" calls. With Delivery IQ you can say goodbye to paper receipts too. Your customers electronically sign for their delivery on the driver's smartphone and get their receipt via email.


Delivery IQ achieves a smoother at-the-door experience for your customers. And, thanks to Order Tracker, customers have at their fingertips everything they need order-wise. Empower your customers with the latest technologies in delivery and food tracking to improve customer experience!

Key Features


In a few taps, the driver can call up the next customer, thereby giving them time to get ready for their delivery.

Paperless Signature Capture

Your customers can electronically sign for their delivery on the driver's smartphone.

Email Receipt

Your customers can add his/her email on Delivery IQ and get the receipt via email.

Order Tracker

This customer-facing web app is updated with information sent from the Delivery IQ and your POS. Order Tracker lets your customers see in real time the exact driver position and informs them of their order's delivery time. Learn More

Late Delivery Coupon

If a delivery takes longer than the promised delivery time, customer gets a notification on Order Tracker along with a free coupon for their next order. This feature is optional and appears if your store has a late delivery coupon policy enabled.

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