Delivery IQ

The feature-rich Delivery IQ app - which is used by drivers - can increase your profits, enhance driver performance, and boost customer satisfaction.

How it works

Delivery IQ is a driver-usable app. Like all FoodTec apps it fully-integrates with the FoodTec POS system. Delivery IQ affords three main benefits. Firstly, it enables you to better manage and track your drivers. Secondly, your drivers can use it to optimize their deliveries using their smartphone. Lastly, your customers can get their own food tracking web app, so they can know the progress of their order and when it will be arrive. So everyone's in the loop, everyone wins. The result: With Delivery IQ your drivers can make more runs each day and your customers will be happier with your delivery performance. NOTE: When you upgrade to FoodTec POS 9.0 you receive this app for FREE.

Key Features

For your drivers

Delivery IQ helps drivers deliver more orders, easily communicate with their customers, and increase tips. For example, drivers can push the Add Tip % option to their customers. This then displays three optional tip amounts - 15%, 18%, and 20% - to the customer. The result: It enables the customer to easily, quickly include a tip into the payment, which results in greater driver tips. Learn More

For your consumers

Order status data from Delivery IQ are shown to customers on your site's Order Tracker. This lets customers track their order in real time. Plus, Delivery IQ fast-tracks payments. It enables customers to pay in any way they please and to receive an email receipt instantly. Learn More

For management

Thanks to Delivery IQ, you have increased control over order assignments and driver performance. Actionable data like deliveries per hour, tips % , and miles travelled per order help store managers evaluate driver performance and reward their most efficient drivers. Users of FoodTec POS 9.0.3 and later also have access to in-depth online reports on each driver's performance. Learn More

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