Delivery IQ for drivers

With Delivery IQ you will improve delivery operations - one of the most complex aspects of your business. Delivery IQ makes deliveries easier and, we dare say, more fun for drivers. It's POS integrated. So it offers you better control over deliveries, and helps improve customer satisfaction with timely deliveries and features like e-signing and coupon scanning.

How it works

Delivery IQ is a user-friendly app that makes delivery operations more efficient. It helps your drivers streamline their runs, communicate with customers on the go, and increase their tips. Plus, the app offers useful, new capacities like order bundling and optimal route suggestions.


Give your drivers a robust technology tool for improving their delivery performance. Delivery IQ helps your drivers increase their tips, improve their delivery stats, and at the same time, keep your customers happy with a better at-the-door experience.

Key Features


Delivery IQ has built-in GPS navigation, so no other GPS device is necessary. Orders are displayed on the on-screen map and drivers get optimal route suggestions, which helps them deliver orders on time. Your drivers can assign/unassign a run to themselves, making order bundling more efficient.

Add Tip %

Adding tips is just a tap away! Delivery IQ has built-in choices for tips, either as a total order percentage or as a dollar amount. This makes it easy for the customer to add tips. More often than not, customers go for the mid or upper tip options, thereby significantly increasing driver tips!

Maps and Order Lists

The driver can see the orders he/she has to deliver. The orders are pinned on the map and are numbered for easier sorting. Delivery IQ displays an optimal route for delivering orders from oldest to most recent. Once an order is delivered, the driver can mark the order as "complete" and either return to the store or continue with the next run in line.

Next customer click-to-call

The driver can see his/her next delivery on the app and call the customer up to inform them their order is on its way. This keeps customers in the loop, which increases their satisfaction with delivery service. It also saves valuable time for your drivers.

Driver security

You can track your drivers through your POS and instantly know if anything happens. If, for instance, a driver lingers at a non-delivery location, this can alert you that something might be wrong (car breakdown, accident, unnecessary personal stop), which enables you to act promptly.

Driver Challenges

Delivery IQ tracks driver statistics like Total Miles Travelled, Tips Percent, and Average at the door time. By using the app to track their runs, drivers can win badges in these categories. Seeing that their efforts are tracked and recognized motivates drivers to improve further.

Optimal Route Suggestions

Delivery IQ provides optimal route suggestions. This helps the driver save time and deliver more orders - which means, more tips. Plus, it eliminates wasting time trying to figure out how to get to his or her next destination.

Order assignment by driver

Drivers can choose unassigned orders that are in close proximity to other delivery destinations, thus saving time and workload for drivers and, at the same time, improving delivery efficiency.

Signature capture

Customers can add their signature directly on the driver's smartphone, which is automatically stored. Your drivers no longer have to carry around paper slips, only their smartphone and order.

Coupon Scanning

The driver can use their smartphone to scan customer coupons, which are then automatically redeemed. Drivers can also enter coupon codes manually.

Driver Performance Stats

You and the driver have access to driver performance statistics. This allows you to discuss and resolve any delivery issues and enables you to reward the drivers with the best performance.

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