Reach new customers and increase their spending with eGifts. Consider this fact: Sixty five percent (65%) of gift card users spend more than their gift card's value when they redeem it. So, with eGifts you have an efficient, effortless way to increase sales. Why not offer them to your customers, starting this week?

How it works

eGifts are electronic gift cards you can issue and offer your customers. With a monthly fee you can issue and redeem an unlimited number of eGifts. Since you're not offering plastic gift cards and mailing these to your customers, eGifts are more affordable than conventional Gift Cards. eGifts are POS integrated, which means your customers can purchase them in-house, online, or mobile and redeem them instantly.


eGifts are mobile, online, and available 24/7. This makes them an attractive gift idea for millions of consumers. Also, eGifts will help build more sales as your customers will start offering your eGifts to their friends and family.

Key Features

Personalized gift cards

Your customers can choose from a range of special occasion eGifts. They can get Holidays, Mother's Day, Birthday, Graduation, and anniversary themed eGifts.

Online Purchases

Your customers can purchase eGifts online. This means they can choose a gift card design, select an eGift value, and send it to themselves or a loved one, all from a single location. It's easy and fast. Plus, it's inexpensive for you since you don't need to mail them an actual plastic gift card.

Payment & Activation

eGifts can be exclusively purchased with a credit card on your website. Customers can use a saved credit card or use a new one. The eGift recipient gets an email with an activation link. This one-click process activates the eGift instantly.

eGifts through your App

Your customers can get eGifts through your customer app, too. Through a user-friendly interface, customers can, in a matter of clicks, purchase eGifts for themselves and their family and friends. Then, the user is redirected to your website to complete the transaction.

Flexible eGift Value

Popular eGift values are $10, $25, $50, and $100. But your customers can select any other denomination between $1 an $999.

Balance Check & Reload

eGift holders can check their balance and history. They also can reload it right on your eGift page, without having to log in. They simply enter their eGift twelve-digit number and PIN.

Partial/Full Redemption

Customers can redeem their eGifts when ordering in your store and online. This offers them the convenience to pay for their order in whichever way they prefer. eGifts can also be used for order payments made through your mobile app.

Redeem for any order type

eGifts are redeemable for in-store and online orders of all types including dine-in, take-out, delivery, and pick-up.

Affordable Restaurant Tool

With a reasonable monthly fee you can issue and redeem an unlimited number of eGifts. Also, since you don't offer a physical gift card to your customers you don't have to buy plastic cards or mail these to your customers, thereby sparing yourself any mailing fees.


eGifts are reloadable for your customers' convenience. The eGift user can use their saved credit cards to quickly reload them online.

Avoid theft and fraud

Each eGift has a unique ID number. Once redeemed, the eGift balance is updated, leaving no room for fraudulent use. Since eGifts are POS integrated, both your POS and your web store are up to date with the user's latest eGift activity.

Mobile, online, & available 24/7!

eGifts are an effective sales-generating tool. Unlike plastic gift cards sales, eGifts sales aren't limited to your business hours. Instead, your customers can purchase an eGift anytime online and through any mobile device. Also, you can promote eGifts on your web store with special offers such as, for example, "Buy a $100 eGift and get a $20 off coupon."

Speed, Ease & the Gift of Choice

People love getting presents, but they love it more when they get to choose a gift themselves! eGifts spare your customers the need to search for the right gift. In addition, you don't have to worry about the recipient not liking it.

A robust referral system

eGifts will help you expand your business because your loyal customers will bring their friends, family, and employees to your place of business.

Cheaper meals, happier customers, more sales

Customers can redeem a coupon and an eGift on the same order which saves them money and encourages them to place bigger orders. For instance, a customer can use both a 8% off coupon along with a $10 gift card on a single order.

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