Email Customization with Target Market

With email customization you create email campaigns with maximum impact. Which means, (a) your emails get read, (b) brand awareness increases, and (c) customer loyalty is nurtured. All which generates increased sales.

How it works

TargetMarket lets you send fully customizable and targeted email campaigns. Easily tailor the content, coupons, images, and layout of your emails to ensure customers engage with them and, ultimately, place orders.


With email customization, every email campaign you run communicates your brand identity and engages your customers with relevant, personalized offers.

Key Features

Tested for all email clients & browsers

Our Target Market team ensures that no matter the recipient's email client (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!) and browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) emails show up properly. Our support team runs test emails to make certain your recipients get the best possible experience.

Responsive emails

No matter what device or interface your customers use to read your emails - smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, or Mac - the email will be responsive; it will adapt to that device's specifications so that it's readable. This is a crucial feature that makes your emails more user-friendly.

Unique Coupon integration

You can use the Unique Coupon app that's within Target Market to generate exclusive, one-time coupons for your campaigns. This prevents multiple redemptions and ensures only the intended recipient uses it.

Content customization

Personalize your email content to ensure it always aligns with your brand identity. Change the color palette, logo, headers, images, and coupons so that every email has a consistent layout.

Seamless integration

Target Market is integrated with your web store. Consumers click on the links sent to them in emails and are transferred to your web ordering page to place an order and redeem their promo coupons.

Easy setup & customization

You can set up or customize your email campaigns yourself or you can let our Target Market dedicated team do it for you - always in close collaboration with you.

Full HTML customization

If you have an HTML coded design, you can import it and use it as your email marketing template.

Pre-built email templates

You can save time by using any of our pre-designed email templates. This reduces the amount of design work you must do because you only need to design those components that are unique to that particular email (that is, the message, images, text, coupons, etc.).

Original email template creation

If you have an email template designed but not coded, our Target Market team will code it so you can use it for your email campaigns.

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