Gift Cards

Restaurant gift cards are popular with shoppers because they're quick and easy to get. Gift cards improve brand awareness, garner new customers, and increase customer spending. For the 2014 holiday season alone, NRF predicted that holiday shoppers spend more than $31 million on gift cards.

How it works

Gift cards are a convenient gift solution for your customers. FoodTec supports both plastic gift cards and e-Gifts depending on your needs. Gift cards are POS integrated, which means your customers can purchase, redeem, and reload them fast and effortlessly in store. For FoodTec customers using POS 9.0.X and later, plastic cards are also redeemable in online orders and can be reloaded on the web too.


Gift cards are an effective tool for building sales. Your customers will help expand your customer base as they buy gift cards for their friends and family.

Key Features

Purchase Gift Cards

A gift card sale is handled through the POS like any other typical order. Your customer picks and pays a gift card denomination he/she wishes to load in the gift card and then the user - whether it's the payer or a different recipient - can immediately use the card.

Batch Gift Card Orders

Your customers can buy gift cards in bulk for any personal or corporate occasion. Batch gift cards can be assigned different values, if your customer wants that.

Free Gift Cards

You can give away gift cards to maintain or regain customers' loyalty. Order mistakes, poor service, and other common service issues can be settled or redressed with free cards. In fact, free cards are a popular customer retention strategy across the restaurant industry.

Flexible denominations

Popular gift card denominations are $10, $25, $50, and $100. However, your customers can select any other denomination they want.

Prevent theft and fraud

Each gift card has a unique ID number. This means that once it is redeemed, the gift card balance is instantly updated across your POS and customer database so the user can only redeem it once.

Redeemable for any order

Gift cards are redeemable for in-store and online orders of all types; dine-in, take-out, delivery, and pick-up.

Partial/Full Redemption

Your customers can partially redeem a gift card when placing an order in your store and online. This offers them the convenience to pay for their order according to their capacity.

Gift Card & Discount Coupon

Your customers can redeem a coupon and gift card in the same order. his saves them money and encourages them to place bigger orders. For instance, a customer could redeem a free appetizer coupon and a $10 gift certificate in a single order.

Build extra revenue

Gift cards are the perfect holiday and special occasion gift idea. They save time and effort for the shopper - all they have to do is choose a denomination and a recipient.

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