Group Ordering

"Who wants some pizza?"

Group ordering is fun, easy, and it drives up sales! Turn single-customer orders into large-group ones easily. No more time-consuming office rounds for checking who's ordering what.

How it works

Group Ordering, a web ordering feature on your website, drives up orders from non-residential customers. When a group of people wishes to place an order, for instance, people at a college or office then a customer initiates the process, as the group leader, and invites others via email to order.

The group leader can set the time frame for order placement and those accepting the order invitation can see what the rest have ordered - which encourages them to order too! The group leader collects individual payments and your driver only deals with the group leader for the delivery.


Group ordering drives up online sales and increases your profits. Make it easy for people in colleges, hospitals, and companies to turn a single-customer order into a massive group one. People invited to a group order are encouraged to order too seeing that others have already did. The process is streamlined and time-efficient encouraging repeat group orders in the future.

Key Features

Order management by group leader

A group leader is a customer who decides to place and handle a group order.The group leader logs in on your website and invites others by email to join the group order. The group leader is the only point of contact for you as he will handle both the collection of money and receive the delivery, making the order delivery faster.

Ordering Invitations

The group leader selects the group ordering option on your website and invites by email colleagues that might be interested in ordering too, he/she also sets a time frame for order placements - although the standard time frame is 30 minutes. People joining can see what others have ordered, encouraging more orders being placed!

Save emails

Those invited once to join a group order are saved in the group leader's database automatically and can be invited again for future orders.

Select emails from list

For repeat orders, the group leader simply selects people from a list to invite them to a new group order.

Viewing others' orders

Each group member can see what others have ordered which motivates them to order if they haven’t done so already, or order something extra if they've already did.

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