FoodTec Inventory

Inventory is a POS integrated solution that makes one of the most vital and challenging aspects of your business easier to manage. With FoodTec's Inventory you simplify complex operations and maximize profits thanks to a robust and integrated program.

How it works

FoodTec Inventory is a robust, all-inclusive technology that integrates with your POS to optimize one of the most vital operations of you restaurant. Inventory and the Inventory IQ app help you manage stock, submit purchase orders, and configure your vendors to achieve ideal inventory usage every time. For instance, you can optimize your dough par levels based on historical usage. This ensures you always have on-hand as much as needed, never running out, never wasting any.


Simplify inventory management with count scheduling, store-to-store transfers, and automated purchase orders to ensure optimal inventory usage and higher profitability for your restaurant or chain.

Key Features

POS Integration

FoodTec Inventory tightly integrates with the POS, which offers you the advantage of managing inventory through a single, convenient location that connects with every other business operation! Your kitchen, menu, vendors, in-store and web sales. This constant interaction across modules makes inventory-related tasks seamless, fast, and accurate.

Inventory Scheduling

Think of the Inventory Scheduler as the heart of your Inventory. It's a user-friendly interface through which you:

  1. Get an overview of your Inventory tasks for the week
  2. Schedule Inventory counts
  3. Set up new vendors
  4. Create, edit, post, and receive purchase orders
  5. Schedule purchase orders from your vendors
  6. Transfer inventory from store to store

Recipe Center

The Recipe Center lets you break down each recipe or menu item by ingredients. This, in turn, enables you to: (a) know ingredient quantities necessary for each item on your menu, (b) measure menu item cost, and (c) make laser-focused price adjustments to increase profit and avoid inventory waste.

Food Preparation

FoodTec Inventory enables you to create food preparation lists for your kitchen staff. This ensures you always have on hand the items needed. It also enables you to create and schedule preparation lists for any day of the week, and any time of the day, be it noon, afternoon, and night. Which means, for example, you won't run out of pizza sauce on a Friday night.

Waste Management

With FoodTec Inventory, every item in your inventory is accounted for. If a cook drops a ball of dough, you will know exactly how much waste to count it as. Inventory helps you have an accurate stock overview with small inventory variance because - no matter how miniscule - every item waste is accounted for. So with Waste Management you estimate waste due to inventory misplacing, mishandling, and spoilage. You can calculate the waste of raw ingredients and menu items.


Inventory reports give you important information on your inventory usage, waste, and cost. Reports like Recipe Cost, let you identify menu items with the highest profit margin, as it shows you the difference between food cost and food selling price. The most insightful Inventory reports are Raw Material Cost of Goods, Inventory Usage, and Recipe Cost. Learn More

Intuitive Counting

Consider this, for example: You're counting Parmesan in pounds, yet one vendor sells it in cases and another one sells it in tubs. With FoodTec Inventory you can reconcile these different measurement units so that even if you count Parmesan stock in pounds you can order it in both cases and tubs and still measure it in pounds. These equivalences - once set - are automatically applied to ensure you always have on hand what you need, so you avoid overstocking and understocking, and eliminate errors in your purchase orders.

Inventory IQ

Inventory counting becomes easy, fast, and accurate with Inventory IQ, an Android FoodTec app that lets you do the following:

  1. Do inventory counts in multiple locations with a smartphone or tablet
  2. Count and receive purchase orders from your vendors
  3. Run inventory counts on multiple devices to save time
  4. Get excessive variance notifications for key items
  5. Search PO items by text and voice search
  6. Avoid data loss with automatic save every 5 minutes
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Purchase Orders

With FoodTec Inventory you can create, edit, post, receive and schedule purchase orders through your POS. You can even email or fax purchase orders to your vendors to save time. FoodTec Inventory lets you customize your par levels in each purchase order according to your needs. This means, for example you can have a 2 cases cheddar par level for Mondays and a 5 cases par level for Fridays. Also, for each item in your purchase order, you get details such as on-hand quantity, orders in transit, your last count, item packaging (cases, bags, tubs etc.), and a suggested quantity to order so that every purchase order is cost-efficient.

Vendor Integration

FoodTec Inventory supports Vendor Integration. It lets you communicate directly with your vendors, which saves time, ensures pricing accuracy, and provides up-to-date item information. Some features Vendor Integration enables are automated purchase orders and overnight order catalog updates. Learn More

Inventory Health Check

Inventory Health Check is a tool that ensures proper inventory setup. It checks virtually every item in your inventory for errors. For instance, if you've set tomato sauce usage in cases, but an integrated vendor now defines it in bags, the next time you attempt to use tomato sauce when preparing a pizza, you will get a warning. In short, Inventory Health Check is an intuitive feature that helps you set up and manage your inventory more efficiently, thereby minimizing confusion and financial loss due to miscalculations and inventory spoilage.

Scalable & Customizable

Your inventory needs are complex and constantly changing. FoodTec Inventory was designed with this in mind. With it, you can edit vendors, items, stock counting frequency, inventory locations, and other parameters. This ensures that at any given day your inventory jives with that day's sales, which minimizes the chance of running out of something on a certain day. In short, the FoodTec Inventory suite lets you optimize your operations to meet these complex needs.

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