Inventory IQ

FoodTec Solutions simplifies inventory operations with Inventory IQ, an app that makes inventory counting faster. Walk through your inventory with a tablet in hand and count your inventory in real-time.

How it works

Inventory IQ is an Android app that simplifies Inventory counting and purchase order receiving. It tightly integrates with your POS to ensure information accuracy and inventory efficiency. Your employees simply take their devices and digitally count stock. To save time, more than one person can simultaneously take inventory. Once a count is submitted the latest inventory data are synced with your POS and are available in it and in your Inventory Reports.


Counting inventory with Inventory IQ is up to 70% faster than using pen and paper. Get timely, accurate information of your actual inventory usage and be alerted to variances and issues on the spot.

Key Features

Mobile & User-friendly

Inventory IQ lets you track your inventory from the palm of your hand. Count your inventory items across different locations and log the information on the spot to save time.

Avoid Data Loss

The app syncs your count progress with the server every 5 minutes. If for any reason the sync fails, a message prompts you to manually sync. If after three attempts a connection to the server fails, you get a "Sync Now" warning message. This prompts you to stop the count and try to connect to the server to avoid data loss.

Pair Devices, Save Time

Inventory IQ is a true time saver. You can pair as many compatible devices as you want, to track your inventory in multiple locations and complete the process much faster.

Inventory Counting

Inventory IQ has a user-friendly interface that offers in-depth inventory information. For example, if you're counting apple juice in the kitchen, the app notifies you of other places apple juice is stored like say, for instance, in the bar fridge and the second kitchen fridge. You also know how much of an item you've counted so far. For example, if apple juice is found in four locations and you've only counted it in one, then your count is 25% complete. Lastly, you get item variance too which alerts you to possible mishandling. Variances (in $) are shown throughout the counting process.

Excessive Variances

If an item you're counting has an excessive variance then it has surpassed the tolerated variance it can have. For example, setting an excessive variance of $0.02 for bacon means that when you are counting with Inventory IQ and your bacon variance is $0.03, it will be flagged as excessive. The "excessive variances" screen pops up before a count submission to help you monitor inventory loss more efficiently.

Intuitive Catch weight

Inventory IQ features intuitive catch weight. Here's an example of how it works. A vendor might sell pepperoni in small cases typically weighing 10 lbs. Since this measurement unit may vary from case to case, you will need to weigh each case to know the exact amount of pepperoni received. Inventory IQ forces you to weigh such inventory items to ensure accurate counts.

Prevent inventory mishandling

You can prevent your employees from mishandling inventory by not showing them the expected variances while they're counting an item. This way they don't get excessive variance notifications and are not tempted to "cook the books".

Smart Count Sequence

To save time, you can arrange count items in the order they are physically organized in your inventory. For instance, if you typically start clockwise with sauces, cheeses, and then meats, you can rearrange the order in which they appear in you app to match this sorting.

Count Purchased Inventory

You can receive purchase orders with Inventory IQ. Just scan the QR code of your purchase order (PO), fill in the order details, and count the items received.

Voice & Text Search

Searching for each item in a purchase order of more than three-hundred items can be time-consuming. With the voice and text search feature you can quickly locate any item and count it.

Accurate Inventory Reporting

With Inventory IQ counts, you get more detailed Inventory reports because you will know exactly when a count started and when it was completed. This lets you resolve any inventory issues and discrepancies that might surface.

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