Labor Scheduler

Does employee scheduling take time and frustrate you? Well, no more! Labor Scheduler, a POS integrated technology, helps you create work schedules painlessly.

How it works

Labor Scheduler is an intuitive technology that makes work scheduling easy, fast, and accurate. Monitor labor costs, keep staff happy with timely time-off approvals, avoid schedule conflicts, and ensure your staffing levels always meet customer demand. Labor Scheduling is a POS integrated technology that goes hand-in-hand with Sales Forecasting. But, it's possible to use a stand-alone POS application


Create and manage employee schedules that meet your staffing level needs, save time and money, and keep your staff happy and productive.

Key Features

Create Accurate Work Schedules

With Labor Scheduler's intuitive POS interface you can easily create and manage your work schedule. Quickly click and drag the hours you want to schedule an employee for and then a pop-up lets you assign that shift to an available employee. For instance, if you're scheduling your driver shifts, you will see a list of all available drivers for that day. Also, when you're scheduling a busy day, you can effortlessly add extra server shifts to meet dine-in traffic. For each employee you schedule you get: hourly rate, total day and week hours, phone number, and role.

Save Time, Duplicate Schedules

Labor Scheduler lets you copy previous schedules to design new ones. For instance, you can set a Monday schedule as your "Master Monday". This way you can use this typical Monday schedule for subsequent Mondays and only make minor tweaks to adjust for weather and other parameters that might affect restaurant traffic. Labor Scheduler also gives you the flexibility to model a certain day's schedule after any other day's schedule. For example, you could used a Monday schedule to generate, say, a Thursday work schedule, if you wanted to.

Sales Forecast

When work schedules are data-driven you manage to keep labor costs at a minimum and your staffing levels on target. Sales Forecast is a POS technology that ensures you create work schedules that can meet restaurant traffic. This is possible with the optimization of your work schedule based on historical sales data. In other words, the Scheduler uses historical sales data to generate a weekly sales forecast. Consult the forecast when creating your schedule to ensure your staffing levels are accurate and tailored to each day's staffing demand.

Optimal Staffing Levels

When you create your work schedule based on projected sales and staffing needs you save time and labor costs. Labor Scheduler lets you easily add or remove shifts to ensure your staffing levels are at all times well-suited. For instance, if you expect more than the usual amount of delivery orders between 7-10 p.m. in an upcoming day, in a matter of seconds you could add two extra driver shifts and schedule two more drivers to cover it.

Time-Off Requests & Approvals

Your employees can request time off or vacation time through the POS. The employee selects the timeframe and reason for time-off and posts it for approval. The supervisor or schedule manager then proceeds with approving or rejecting employee requests. Once a time-off request is approved, the employee is set as unavailable so he or she cannot be scheduled for work during his/her time-off.

Web Labor Scheduler

The web version of Labor Scheduler empowers you to view, create, and manage your work schedule from anywhere and through any device. Time-saving tools like the Shift Editor help you painlessly create your schedule and ensure labor costs are kept to a minimum.

Daily Roster & Weekly Schedule

Instantly know your daily and weekly schedule through your POS. The daily roster displays the list of employees scheduled for the day and the weekly schedule displays on-the-clock employees for the specified week, along with information such as total hours they are scheduled for.

Smart Color-coding

Employee shifts are color-coded to help you identify and adjust them faster.

  • Forecasted but unassigned shifts
  • Forecasted and assigned shifts
  • Assigned but not forecasted shifts

SMS Employees

Easily send an SMS to all scheduled employees to notify them of the upcoming week's schedule. Promptly notifying your staff ensures everyone's in the loop, absence is minimized, and any schedule conflicts or requests are timely settled. The SMS may go out automatically (a) on a specific date, (b) instantly, the moment the manager approves the schedule, or (c) manually.

Employee Weekly Schedule

Get a weekly schedule summary for every employee. Know at a glance the role, working days, shifts and shift duration for each employee.

Reduce Overtime Work

The Overtime Predictor helps you keep scheduled overtime work to a minimum. At a glance know both the total scheduled and overtime hours of your employees.

Employee Unavailability

Save time and avoid schedule conflict by checking the "Employee Unavailable Hours" report. This report lets you know at a glance the days and hours employees are unavailable for work.

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