With the Loyalty-builder module, with each transaction you reward each customer, which turns them into an even more-loyal customer. You do this by awarding customers with points for each purchase they make. Then you provide rewards - discounts, special offers, freebies - to customers when they collect a certain number of points. All this sets into motion a continuous return sales process that increases customer satisfaction and your business sales and profit.

How it works

Loyalty is integrated with your POS, which means your customers can sign up, collect, and redeem Loyalty coupons easily for any type of order both online and in-store. Also, POS integration ensures you can identify and target every Loyalty customer with exclusive, tailored offers for more effective engagement.

Key Features

Sign-up Bonus Points

Signing up for your Loyalty program, automatically gives your customers a Welcome   points bonus. Set any value to the bonus to motivate them to place their first order.

Collect customer information

Choose what kind of information customers must provide to sign up for Loyalty; both their email address and phone number, or just one of them. You can use this information to contact them for future marketing offers.

Set measurement unit for points

Decide how much your customers need to spend to collect 1 point (1 dollar, 1 dime or 1 cent). You can also set accrual rules if you want to reward particular purchases with additional points. For instance, give double points for all orders placed from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m or for ordering a 16" pizza.

Single-Customer Database

Loyalty integration with your POS gives you access to in-depth information for all your Loyalty customers right on your POS. You can slice and dice your database to learn when a customer signed up for Loyalty, how often they place an order, whether they are a web, delivery or pick-up customer to offer them personalized offers and coupons.

Choose a Rewards method

Point rewards can be either threshold or optional.

  • A.  Threshold Rewards:
    When a customer reaches a points milestone they earn a reward. For instance, at 50 points the customer gets a 2% discount, at 150 points a 5% discount, and at 300 points a 10% off an order. You can reset your customers' points when they reach their maximum milestone.
  • B.  Optional Rewards:
    To redeem an optional reward a customer has to opt in. Usually, this type of reward calls for point resetting.

Accrual Rules

Choose how many points your customers will collect when they order. For instance,

  1. Half points for ordering a small pizza
  2. Double points for ordering 16" pizzas
  3. Triple points for Sunday brunch orders
  4. No points for discounted products
  5. No points for beer/liquor
  6. Double points for web orders

An important enterprise-level capability of accrual rules is that you can choose at which store(s) to apply each rule. This lets you set your Loyalty plans according to store needs and clientele.

Loyalty Accounts Merging

You can give your customers the opportunity to merge accounts so that they can collect points in a single Loyalty program. For instance, if a family of five has three Loyalty plans at your store, you can merge their accounts into one for easier and faster point collection. In case of account merging, only one customer's sign-up bonus points are kept, the rests' are not carried through.

Approaching reward reminder

Set a points threshold for notifying your customers how many points they need to earn their next reward. For instance, if a customer is only 10 points away from getting a $10 off discount, you automatically send them an email to remind them.

Coupon expiration reminder

Send a reminder email to your customer for soon-to-be-expired coupons. This ensures they receive any discount they're eligible for and that you prompt impulse customer spending any chance you get.

Loyalty History

Give your customers a detailed record of their point collection activity for a timeframe of your choice. For instance, customers can see their point activity of the last 30, 60 or 90 days.

Maximum Order Points

Set a limit to the maximum amount of points an order can generate for a customer. This might be an essential setting if you get many non-residential orders from hospitals, offices, campuses, and so on.

Loyalty Cards

Your Loyalty customers have an online Loyalty account. If you want you can also issue paper or plastic Loyalty cards for them too.

Customize Loyalty Rewards

Choose what coupons to send your customers once a particular amount of points is earned. For instance, offer your customers a 5% discount once they collect 500 points or a free appetizer once they get 250 points.

Discretionary bonus points

Loyalty-builder lets you improve customer satisfaction by giving points to your customers at your discretion. This is a useful feature for compensating customers whenever there's an occasion of poor service or customer complaints.

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