Menu Sampling Loyalty Badges

Recognize your customers' loyalty with Menu Sampling Badges, a new scheme in our Loyalty solution that helps you improve customer engagement and satisfaction. Acknowledge and emotionally reward your customers' loyalty without any additional cost or effort!

How it works

The Menu Sampling Loyalty Badges is a scheme available in your Loyalty license that lets your customers earn virtual badges by sampling menu items. For instance, a Calzone Loyalty Badge motivates your customers to sample all the calzones in your menu in order to earn this badge.


With a Loyalty badges scheme you can influence customer decision and offer your customers the sought-after recognition they deserve for being your loyal customers.

Key Features

POS Integration

Loyalty Badges are fully integrated with your POS. Your POS users can see a customer's Loyalty Badge activity and inform him/her that they're for instance, a meatball stromboli away from earning their Stromboli badge. You can track Loyalty badge activity in the POS for each customer placing an order and motivate them to choose extra items to earn badges.

Web Ordering Integration

Your Loyalty customers can check their Loyalty badge progress on their personal account on your web ordering page. Customers can see:

  • - Loyalty badges they are participating in,
  • - Loyalty Badge items they've purchased and,
  • - How many items they have to sample to earn a badge.

Thanks to its web ordering integration, Loyalty badges encourage your customers to place particular orders so as to reap the recognition badges you're offering them, a can't-miss emotional reward your customers won't forget.


Our Loyalty support team will help you set up your Loyalty badges for as many menu categories you choose. Popular Loyalty Badges include the categories of Pizza, Pasta, Dessert, Soft Drink, and Beer.

Set Up through Marketing

Loyalty Badges are easy and fast to set up through your FoodTec Marketing platform. Simply decide on the menu categories you want to offer Loyalty badge for and our support team will configure it for you.

Discretionary Rewards

At the moment, Loyalty Badges serves as a recognition-only Loyalty scheme. However, you can reward customers with offers, discounts, and extra Loyalty points if you wish to deepen further their emotional satisfaction. Bear in mind, that although the badges are essentially virtual, they are effective in acknowledging your customers' loyalty and help nurture further their emotional bond with your brand.

Scalability at Zero Cost

Loyalty badges are a free Loyalty scheme that you can scale up at no cost. Offering monetary rewards like points, discounts and offers can sometimes be costly. Virtual badging on the other hand, is a no-cost strategy you can implement to build client satisfaction and loyalty. The fact that it is free, means you can offer it to all your Loyalty customers without extra effort.

Track Customer Behavior & Fine Tune Sales Strategy

Tracking each customer's Loyalty Badge engagement helps you analyse customer behavior and see which badges are the most popular or easy to earn. You can use these insights to fine tune your marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Loyalty Customer App

Loyalty Badges will be available on your customer app. A dedicated Loyalty badge app page will allow your customers view their Loyalty badge activity.

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