Target Market Marketing Calendar

Stay on top of your marketing projects with a bird's eye view of all your running and scheduled campaigns.

How it works

Marketing Calendar helps you manage and execute your email marketing efficiently. The calendar displays:

  1. Scheduled and running email campaigns
  2. Completed campaigns
  3. Scheduled and sent campaigns (campaigns run via Social Media and print publications)
  4. Upcoming marketing opportunities


This program gives you a broad view of your completed, running, and future marketing campaigns through a user-friendly interface. You can easily schedule, execute, edit, and track your email marketing - all from a single application.

Key Features

Schedule campaigns

Easily schedule a new campaign directly through your marketing calendar. Click on any date to create and schedule a campaign run on the spot. Choose a campaign from a drop-down menu. Select date and time and finally, a coupon.

View scheduled and sent campaigns

At a glance, get an overview of your email marketing schedule and progress of current campaigns. Easily access completed campaign information directly through the Marketing Calendar.

Sport marketing opportunities

In your Marketing Calendar you can:

  1. Identify upcoming marketing opportunities (Thanksgiving, Super Bowl, etc.)
  2. Plan follow-up campaigns based on the performance of past or current ones
  3. Identify ideal marketing days/hours for engagement and,
  4. Efficiently coordinate your marketing efforts for optimal impact.

Calendar views

Set your calendar in a monthly, weekly, or daily view to monitor your campaigns and identify campaign-worthy dates.

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