Key Features

Customizable menu

Your restaurant needs change constantly and you should be able to change your menu offerings, ingredients, and pricing easily. With the help of our Menu Manager team you can customize your menu and immediately reflect the changes on your web and POS menu across all stores.

Add new items

  • - Adding new items in your menu?
  • - Adding new specials?
  • - Adding a new item to a single store but not the entire chain?

Menu management is a time-efficient, seamless process handled by our Menu Manager dedicated team that lets you feature your latest offerings, daily specials, and combos in your menu.

Edit menu items

Through Menu Manager you can change your items' price and ingredients as well as adjust item size, weight, and total ingredients. You can discontinue items that are not selling well or experiment with the pricing of hot-selling ones to improve profits.


Inventory items and inventory vendor changes are also handled through Menu Manager. This results in a seamless, uniform implementation of menu changes and ensures operations run smoothly across any business operations in all your chain stores.

Activation Date

Adding a new special for Halloween or the Super Bowl? Talk with our Menu Manager team to arrange the necessary menu changes and have your new menu listings available on the date of your choice.

Store-specific menu changes

Having over 30 stores across the country? You can choose to implement menu changes to selected stores statewide or nationwide. This gives you increased leverage on demographics for improving your sales through item and price fine-tuning.

Web-only or Store Only Changes

Menu Manager streamlines menu adjustments so you don't have to painstakingly apply each menu change individually for each store. All menu changes in pricing, offerings etc., are applied once through Menu Manager and are then reflected in your online and POS menu(s), eliminating data entry mistakes and saving you time.

Remote Menu Management

Save time and avoid costly errors by letting our dedicated Menu Manager support team handle your menu management needs. This ensures menu updates are seamless, accurate, and cost-effective. FoodTec Solutions provides training for customers who want to implement menu changes themselves.

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