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How it works

Your customers are constantly connected and unless your business is a few taps away, they will choose a competitor especially if it's easier to order from their phones on their way to the store. FoodTec develops restaurant apps to help you create a positive customer experience before even the customer gets to the store. Your customers can check your mouthwatering menu and work up an appetite; they can check pricing and coupons, they can order ahead, get directions to your store and redeem their eGifts and Loyalty coupons. Mobile apps are a solution supported for Loyalty licensed customers.


The simplicity and feature-richness of mobile apps nurture customer loyalty and build more sales, especially from younger demographics who are after speed, simplicity, and convenience.

Key Features

POS Integration

Your restaurant app integrates with your POS, this gives your customers access to your latest menu and store information. It also ensures mobile orders are handled just like any other type of order. Your app is developed by FoodTec with no third-party company involved in the process. This achieves faster deployment and better support for you.

Custom-made app

FoodTec creates a restaurant app that uses your brand's color palette, fonts, logos, and graphics so that your customers get a coherent brand experience whichever way they interact with you.

Fast, Easy, & Appetizing

The always-on customer expects an easy, quick way to get some food when hunger strikes. With a mobile app your customers conveniently have access to key features; menu pricing and specials, store locator, Loyalty and eGifts, and of course web ordering is just a few taps away.

Find Nearby Store & Get Directions

More than 90% of smartphone users search for local information on their phone. If you are nowhere to be found famished consumers will turn to a competitor they can reach from the palm of their hand. With a restaurant app your customers can find the nearest store and get directions on how to get their in time for lunch break.

Ordering Flexibility

A mobile app offers your customers flexibility and convenience. Customers can:

  • - Call at your store through your app
  • - Order from your mobile store safely and quickly
  • - Get directions to the nearest store

Easy Mobile Ordering

If you already have a web store then your app can support mobile ordering. Mobile ordering is a safe, convenient way to order ahead, your customer is redirected to your mobile-friendly web store to place their order. There's in no waiting in line, no order mistakes during your peak hours. Mobile orders are handled by your POS just like any order since your app is integrated with your POS.

Guest Checkout & Facebook Login

Guest checkout lets first-time users place an order without having to register first. Users can also login with their Facebook account, use their web ordering login details, or create a new account. Registered customers have their mobile orders saved to their account for easy re-ordering.

Coupons & Specials

A mobile app is a game-winning tool, it lets you reach customers with appealing coupons and daily specials. Customers today are tech-savvy always looking for the best deals. By bringing great offers and discounts at their fingertips, you're making it easier for them to choose you.


An app lets you build customer loyalty through a more personal interaction with your brand. Your Loyalty is integrated with your app which means your customers can check their Loyalty balance, coupons, and points through it. This mobile-based interaction is meaningful to them; it keeps them coming back to check their balance in anticipation of their next reward.

eGifts & Gift Cards

If your restaurant offers eGifts/Gift cards, then your mobile app can feature this service on your mobile app. Your customers can add and sync a Gift card or eGift, they can check their balance and reload them.

Data Security

Your mobile ordering website complies with the PCI standards for online payment processing. PCI compliance gives you peace of mind, knowing your customers' payment data are not vulnerable to breaches.

Social Media Integration

Encourage your customers to share their dining experience with friends and family on social media and on restaurant review sites. Social Media Integration helps you attract like-minded customers and build brand awareness with the help of your advocates.

Single-store & Multi-location Support

Whether you run a mom-and-pop restaurant or a multi-location chain, your mobile app will refer your customers to the nearest store and offer them accurate information such as your store hours and the day's specials. If you're running a multi-site chain or franchise, your app will feature all store locations to help the user find the nearest to them store, complete with directions on how to get there.

Restaurant Image Gallery

Your app users can drool over mouthwatering images of your food and get a foretaste of the dining experience you offer.

Build Customer Relationships

Your mobile app offers an inside look into your mobile customers' preferences and ordering habits. You can leverage these customer details to make them tailored offers and targeted promos to nurture this relationship and encourage repeat sales.

Android and iOS compatible

Your restaurant app works with devices running on both iOS and Android.

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