Order Tracker

Order Tracker lets your customers track their order from the moment it's placed to the moment the driver brings it to their doorstep! Keep your customers in the know. Keep'em happy.

How it works

Order Tracker is an web food tracking page that offers important order information to your customers. Order preparation stages, real-time driver position, and estimated delivery time are among the details displayed. Consumers ordering in store and online can access Order Tracker by submitting their phone number.


Improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat orders by keeping customers informed about their food and delivery time.

Key Features

Full Order Details

With Order Tracker, your customers can see total cost, order items, coupons, and Loyalty points, among other things. This assures them everything is okay with their order. Complete order information is in a single, convenient place. Plus, you can forget complex, time-consuming sign-ins as customers can easily track their order by entering their phone number on your Order Tracker website.

Driver Name & Photo

Customers see on Order Tracker the name and photograph of the driver that is delivering their order. This increases their sense of safety and trust toward your driver, and your local restaurant and brand as a whole.

Driver Position & Delivery Time

For delivery orders, your customers can additionally see the driver's location as well as the estimated time for delivery. Note, however, that the driver's rough position is only displayed once the driver is within a 2-mile distance from his/her destination.

Order Status

Reviewing - The store manager reviews the order before sending it to the kitchen.
Preparation - The order is being prepared in the kitchen.
Baking - Order is being cooked or baked (if it applies).
On its way/ready for pick-up - Order is being delivered or ready for pick-up.

Real-Time Driver Position

Actual Driver Position: Shows the exact, real-time driver position to your customers once the driver is within a 2-mile distance from their destination.
Circle Driver Position: If you don't want to reveal the exact route drivers are following - for security and privacy purposes - then the map will center on the driver's location as a big green circle. Once the driver is within 2 miles from their destination, the green circle will start shrinking until time to delivery elapses and the order is delivered.

Free Coupons For Late Deliveries

If you've set up a delivery promise and your driver couldn't fulfill it, your customers will get a coupon as a compensation. This way you keep their delivery-related frustrations at a minimum and achieve a better customer experience. All orders are tracked through your POS and the Delivery IQ app, thereby ensuring coupons are automatically issued and all systems are up to date with this information. This means, your customers' trust and satisfaction increase and you always offer them valid coupons.

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