Delivery IQ for restaurants

Improve driver efficiency and customer satisfaction by streamlining your delivery operations! Through your POS, monitor driver position and runs in real time to ensure driver safety and efficiency directly.

How it works

Delivery IQ is POS integrated. This means driver and deliveries are a lot easier to manage. When your drivers use their Delivery IQ app to track their runs you get actionable, accurate delivery data you can use to (a) improve your delivery operations and (b) keep your customers informed and happy.


With Delivery IQ you improve customer experience and increase driver efficiency. Drivers get more runs done and customers are impressed with how smoothly and promptly deliveries are fulfilled.

Key Features

Free FoodTec POS Integration

Delivery IQ is free with an upgrade to the 9.0 version of your FoodTec POS. No additional hardware, monthly, or licensing fees are required. Your drivers can download the app for free.

Integration With Other POS Systems

Even if you don't use FoodTec's POS, you can integrate Delivery IQ with any other POS system.

Real-time Driver Position

Before Delivery IQ, you couldn't verify a driver's position easily. Now, you can track all your drivers, orders, and runs in real time through your POS.

High-precision Maps

With Delivery IQ drivers can update and fix your maps with new location information. Drivers can add, edit or delete streets, update street shape, and add new locations and addresses, making the maps more precise and future deliveries more time-efficient.

Driver availability

The drivers use the app to assign orders to themselves, and to start and end their runs. All this information is visible on your POS so that you can better organize your deliveries according to driver availability.

Actual delivery time reporting

Until now, you knew when the order left your store but didn’t know when it actually reached your customer. With DeliveryIQ, you know the exact time the order has been delivered and in how much time the driver will return.

Driver performance reporting

Delivery IQ provides actionable data to accurately evaluate driver performance and make adjustments as needed.

No Paper Slips & Receipts

Customers sign on the driver's app upon delivery and get their receipt via email, so there's no need for paper slips and receipts.

Capture Credit Card Signature

The customer adds his/her signature directly on the driver's smartphone. There is no need for the driver to carry paper slips with him/her.

Capture customer emails

Even if customers order over the phone, Delivery IQ lets you capture their emails! When an order is delivered to the customer, the customer must provide their email in order to get their receipt. With your customer's permission, he/she will receive promotions from you, giving you a can't miss opportunity to engage them in the future.

Customer Order Tracker

Your customers no longer have to wait by the door for their order. They can use Order Tracker to check driver position and delivery time. This means you get fewer "where's my order" calls. It also significantly increases customer satisfaction.

Delayed Delivery Coupons/Offers

If a delivery is delayed for any reason the customer is automatically eligible for a coupon they can redeem in a future order. Along with ensuring customer satisfaction, you also identify patterns for delayed deliveries, which allows you to be more proactive for specific routes, drivers, time in the day, and so on.

Claim Unassigned Orders

Delivery IQ shows all unassigned orders. This allows available drivers to claim orders that have routes in close proximity with their current one. This reduces workload for store managers.

Optimal Route Suggestions

Delivery IQ provides route suggestions on how to deliver from oldest to most recent in the most time-efficient way possible. This helps drivers deliver more orders and deliver them on-time.

Coupon Scanning & Tracking

Drivers can redeem your customers coupons by scanning them with their smartphones. It's quick and effortless.

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