Surveys with Target Market

With this app, you run surveys to collect individual customer data and then use this information to send targeted coupon emails based on customer's personal preferences.

In short, with Target Market Surveys you know what your customers like and make them offers they can't refuse.

How it works

Create and send customer surveys through TargetMarket. Customer responses are then featured as tags within Target Market so when you create an email campaign, you can use these to target particular customers. For instance, if you know which customers like pepperoni on their pizzas, you can send them a $5 off coupon for the next time they order a pizza with Pepperoni topping! In short, surveys help you understand customer needs and preferences and then meet these preferences through targeted, personal, and timely email campaigns.


Improve the effectiveness of your email marketing by understanding customer behavior and preferences through surveys. Create targeted email campaigns that prompt more sales and improve customer relationships.

Key Features

Interact & Understand Your Consumers

Surveys help you communicate with your customers in a way that's meaningful and useful. Customers feel valued when you go the extra mile to learn what they like and what you can do to serve them better. So, with Target Market surveys you learn customer's preferences, anticipate their purchasing behavior, and improve their buying experience with appealing, targeted offers.

Customer flagging & tagging

Target Market's tagging technology lets you flag customers based on their survey responses and use these as filters for your email campaigns.For example, you can filter customers according to topping preferences, ordering frequency, birthday, and many other parameters to send them even more targeted email offers.

Automated triggered emails

Send automated triggered emails to customers that complete your surveys. For instance, set up a "Thank You, here's a coupon!" email each time a customer completes your "Favorite Topping" survey. Triggered emails improve customer experience and encourage sales since they're timely, relevant and highly targeted.

Web-ordering integration

Discover what your web customers have to say about your web store. A survey question pops up and in a matter of a few clicks, you collect customer responses that will help you improve web customer experience.

Pre-built surveys

Use any of our pre-built surveys: "Rate Us", "Web Ordering Experience", "Favorite Food Category", "Favorite Topping", and "Order Habits" to collect valuable customer information.

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