Target Market

With Target Market you can turn your email marketing into a supercharged sales-capturing tool. Target Market is an intuitive, feature-packed email marketing module that fully integrates with your POS system. This enables you to send actionable emails to every customer for which you have an email address.

The result: You can program Target Market to send the right message to the right customer at the right time. Which, in turn, increases customer contacts, loyalty, and order frequency.

How it works

You program Target Market to send targeted, personalized email campaigns that are action-prompting and sales-converting. For example, you can send a 15% off offer to every customer that hasn't ordered in 40 days. Sending personalized email campaigns is possible because (a) the Target Market module is integrated with your POS system and (b) the module contains uniquely powerful features such as email customization, surveys and tagging, and automated campaigns.


The targeted, personalized email campaigns of Target Market create enhanced customer transactions with your business, which translates into enhanced customer satisfaction, brand awareness, loyalty, and sales.

Key Features

Customer Filtering

Like all FoodTec modules, Target Market integrates with your POS system. This gives you access to your single-customer database, which is a complete profile of each customer's ordering habits and preferences. You can filter this database to target hundreds of customer characteristics, such as, for example, topping preferences, order frequency, birthday dates, and much more. Regarding topping preferences, for example, you know which customers order pepperoni pizza. So, you could send these customers a "$5 Off Your Next Large Pepperoni Pizza" offer, if you chose to do so, In short, with Target Market you interact with your customers in a more personalized, relevant way. Learn more

Automated campaigns

With Target Market's automated campaigns feature you can set up an automated campaign and then it will run automatically for as long as you want. This enables you to have quick, effortless email marketing. Here's an example. You could set up an ongoing, automated campaign for "Lazy Customers 30." With this you might send an automatic promo email to each customer that hasn't ordered in 30 days. In short, you can create an automatic campaign for any type of customer you might desire to contact. Learn more

Surveys With Tagging Technology

You can send surveys to your customers through Target Market. With this, you can discover their preferences and then email them special offers based on those preferences. For example, you could run a "Favorite Pizza" survey. The results from such a survey could enable you to identify all customers that prefer a particular type of pizza, such as, for example, pepperoni pizza. With this information you could then email those customer a special offer featuring this particular type of pizza. Learn more

Unique coupons

Target Market contains a "Unique Coupon" app. With this you can generate one-time, unique coupon codes. For example, you might want to run a "Birthday Campaign" that features a coupon that's redeemed only once. For this, you would use the Unique Coupon app to generate as many one-time coupons as you need. These coupons would then be used only once and only by the intended customer, thereby preventing fraudulent use. Learn more

Campaign Reports

For each campaign you run you can get a campaign report featuring detailed campaign metrics, such as, for example, open rates and click-through rates. These metrics enable you to evaluate each campaign's effectiveness in terms of engagement and sales. Which, in turn, enables you to see which marketing tactics work, and which ones need to be adjusted. Learn more

Marketing calendar

This tool empowers you to more effectively monitor your marketing plan. It imparts vital marketing info, such as, for example, scheduled and completed email campaigns, scheduled and sent paper campaigns, and upcoming marketing opportunities, such as seasonal and cultural events. It also supports three calendar views: monthly, weekly, and daily. Learn more

Email customization

To sum up, Target Market enables you to build each email campaign your way - that is, with the exact customized message, coupon, design, and images you want to send. All of which results in your email marketing having maximum compelling impact with recipients. Learn more

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