Unique Coupons

Unique Coupons is a Target Market application that creates exclusive, one-time coupon codes you can use in your email marketing.

How it works

The Unique Coupons app automatically creates one-time coupon codes you can include in your promo emails sent to customers. For example, if you're running a Birthday campaign that's sending out one thousand emails, this program will generate one thousand unique coupon codes, one for each recipient. Each coupon is redeemable just once, either on-line or in-store.


Sending your customers exclusive offers encourages more coupon-triggered sales. In addition, coupon abuse is impossible as every code is unique for each customer and becomes invalid once redeemed.

Key Features

One-off(or not)

Each offer code may be used once, and then it is invalidated preventing customers from sharing it with others or reusing it for new orders. Or if you want, you can allow your customers to use their unique coupon code as often as they like in a specific date span.

For example, you can send an offer out the first Monday in January that tells customers that every Thursday in January they can get a large 1-topping pizza for $9.99. You can send this email message just once. Or, you can send it out again at mid-month for a reminder. It's all up to you.

Terms & Conditions

You can set any terms and conditions you want for any particular coupon, including specifying the following:

  1. Day and Time coupon is valid
  2. Source of Order (web, in-store)
  3. Expiration date
  4. Order (size, toppings, number of items, minimum spending etc.)
  5. Type of Dining option (dine-in, pick-up, delivery etc.)

POS integration

The Unique Coupons app is a Target Market add-on, which is integrated with your POS. So, with this app Target Market ensures you maximize your coupon-triggered sales. More specifically, you can use the Unique Coupons app for ad-hoc coupon email offers, Automated Campaigns and Surveys

Smart Targeting

Target Market's survey and tagging features enable you to collect customer information you will then use to send targeted promo emails to your customers. Unique Coupons lets you send a one-time coupon to every customer that, for example has bacon as their favorite pizza topping.


The Unique Coupon app gives you access to a wide spectrum of data. Use these insights to analyze and fine-tune your future email campaigns to optimize their efficiency and trigger more spending.

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