Vendor Integration

Integrating vendors with your FoodTec Inventory makes vendor management seamless and fast. Vendor Integration automates time-consuming processes by enabling you to send and receive purchase orders electronically.

How it works

When your vendors are integrated with your FoodTec Inventory, the purchase process is simpler and faster. Also, costly inventory errors are minimized. To order inventory from an integrated vendor, first you create a purchase order (PO) on your POS that is then shared with the vendor. The integrated vendor fulfills the PO and when you receive the inventory, the electronic invoice automatically updates your PO receipt, so all that's left to do is count inventory


Vendor Integration streamlines the sluggish tasks in inventory management. It also reduces errors because your on-hand inventory is always up to date and in sync with the latest vendor data.

Key Features

Automated Purchase Orders

Ordering from an integrated vendor is simple and fast. Once you place an order, the order is shared with your vendor automatically so he/she can immediately fulfill it. When the inventory is sent to you, the vendor shares an electronic invoice which is retrieved by your POS the minute you start counting your inventory. You can edit your posted purchase orders and re-post them through your POS or send them by fax, phone, or email. Your vendor's integrated system will be updated with the latest changes which means they will send you the right inventory.

Order Catalog Nightly Update

Every night, your Inventory system communicates with your vendor's system to get the latest Order Catalog. The Order Catalog is a complete list of goods you can purchase from the vendor. The Order Catalog includes the description, brand, packaging, weight, and price of items. If an integrated vendor has changed the price of mozzarella, for example, then during the nightly Order Catalog retrieval these changes will be communicated to your Inventory system. Through the Vendor Sync functionality you can reflect these changes in your own Inventory. This process eliminates errors and delays when you purchase product.

Vendor Sync

Vendor Sync is a POS functionality that syncs your inventory with the latest information from your vendor. During the nightly update your POS retrieves a list of items that your vendor has updated. By running Vendor Sync, these updates are reflected in your inventory and are set up correctly.

Store to Store Integrated Transfers

Integrated store-to-store transfers minimize errors, simplify transfers, and help managers better control inventory. When a store sends inventory to another store in the chain, this store can't edit the invoice, it can only be edited by the store that sends it. This eliminates user errors.

Note: The Integrated Transfers app is available for customers licensed for Data Warehouse


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