Web Ordering

More Orders and Less Hassle with Web Ordering
Grow your business' reach with online ordering; let your customers conveniently order online whether they are at home, at the office, or on the go. Web ordering is an easy, safe, and cost-effective way to build more sales. In fact, with web ordering, monthly orders increase on average by 11% (Fast Casual).

How it works

Web ordering is a customizable, fully POS-integrated solution that offers ease and flexibility to your customers. Even if it's your busiest hour in store, your web customers will enjoy a quick, stress-free way to order from their smartphones, tablets or computers. With web ordering you can entice your customers with mouthwatering images and web exclusive discounts and specials.


A tightly POS integrated solution, web ordering offers to your customers the flexibility and ease to order from anywhere and at their own pace - effortlessly increasing your daily sales. Why limit your revenue with in-store ordering only when you can significantly grow your reach with web sales?

Key Features

Simple, Easy, Fast

In three simple steps your customers can order without the next customer in line breathing down their neck. With customers handling their orders themselves you achieve higher order accuracy and eliminate customer complaints. Plus, you keep your staff off the phone.

Full Menu, Countless Possibilities

Give your customers full access to your menu and let them personalize each order to their liking. From adding multiple order addresses to getting their two favorite pizza toppings on a half and half pizza, online ordering offers the same possibilities with in-store ordering, minus the fuss. Your customers can even add specific instructions for their order such as, have the driver call them up 5 minutes before the estimated delivery time or use a side door.

Menu Manager

Offer a mouthwatering menu to your online customers. Menu Manager enables you to add new items or edit existing ones, edit the pricing and descriptions of items, and change essentially anything on your menu, easily and quickly. Make menu changes according to your needs; they can be applied to both your in-store and online menu, or just your web menu. Learn More


Your Loyalty customers can access their Loyalty points, history, and badges on your web store. If a customer has rewards to redeem he/she can do so in their to-be-placed order. Loyalty integration with web ordering ensures seamless, instant point collection and reward redemption.

Order Tracker

Your web customers can check their order's details and track its route with Order Tracker. The customer can watch every order stage, from preparation to dispatch as well as the driver's real time position and the estimated delivery time. Learn More

Featured Products

Promote your fast-selling items or support the launch of new ones by featuring them on your online store. Featured items can be placed on the right, left and center of your web ordering page under the navigation bar.

Defer Orders

Your customers can conveniently place an order and defer it for when they want it delivered. From a same-day delivery to up to 30 days later, customers can schedule their order for anytime they choose.

Set Order Delivery Zones

For online delivery orders you can set limits on the area covered by your store and decline orders that are outside your designated delivery area. Ask your customers to re-check their delivery address to confirm its accuracy or set up a delivery exception that allows deliveries to non conventionally served areas.

Upsell specials and combos

There's no more staff forgetting to promote your combos or cross-sell items. Show your web customers the available combos and specials by placing them in prominent places on your web menu.

Facebook Login

Your customers can register/log in with their Facebook account if they want to place an online order, saving them the time to create an account from scratch.

Chain support

If you have more than one store, you get to have one dedicated web ordering page for each. Consumers choose store location on the top of your website so that they place their order at the right store.

Payment options

Your customers can pay with major credit cards and cash. They can easily redeem gift cards and coupons when placing their orders as well as collect Loyalty points from their web orders.

Peace of mind with Data Security

Our web ordering solution is PCI compliant, ensuring increased data security for you and your customers' transactions. Compliance with PCI security standards means your customers can confidently do business with you while your reputation as a reliable, responsible business improves. More importantly, being PCI compliant minimizes security breaches headaches. Check our payment validation by the PCI Security Standards Council by searching, "FoodTec Solutions".


Kiosk is a self-service solution that lets your customers order through a self-service dedicated tablet available in your store. Give them control over their order and ensure your staff is not overwhelmed during your busy periods. Users ordering through Kiosk have access to an ordering interface similar to that on your web store.


If you run a fundraiser to help schools and other communities raise money, you can feature this on your web store. Customers can easily add a fundraiser in their order and benefit their kid's school or club.

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