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Seamless integration

Every component in the FoodTec POS system is seamlessly integrated within that system. The result: a faster, smoother, more problem-free POS system that carries you more swiftly and easily though your busy days.

Built in-house - No third party vendors

In the FoodTec POS system the various modules, add-ons and apps have been exclusively designed, built, and maintained by FoodTec. So, unlike with other POS companies, we are not involved in using out-of-the loop, third-party vendors and having to force their product into our POS system. The result is: When you need to talk with someone about some aspect or feature of your POS system, you only need to talk with one vendor: FoodTec!

Feature packed

The FoodTec POS system contains over 40 modules, all built in-house from the ground up. No outside third-party vendors are involved. The result: Each time you elect to expand your system with an add-on module, or app, that module seamlessly integrates into the system. Plus, whenever you want to talk with someone about that module, you talk with FoodTec, not some out-of-the-loop third-party software vendor. In short, there's peace-of-mind in knowing that FoodTec is the only company you need to call whenever a question or issue arises.

Flexible & customizable

Because all FoodTec's modules are built in-house, you're able to fully customize the entire POS/software system - and each module in it - to most effectively meet your business needs and goals. This makes the FoodTec POS system a true business tool.

Pizza industry focus

The FoodTec POS system has been designed and developed specifically for businesses of the pizza industry. Our features and modules are a result of thousands of hours of ongoing communication and joint research with restaurant owners, managers, and front-line staff, including delivery drivers.

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Labor Scheduler

Create and manage your work schedule online with a user-friendly application. Web Scheduler is available to all Labor Scheduler customers. Work from the comfort of your home or office to create or edit your weekly schedule. Read more >>

Automated Campaigns

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Campaign Filtering

For effective email campaigns you need to send tailored promo offers to your customers and not generic ones. Enter campaign filters. Read more >>

Delivery IQ for Consumers

With Delivery IQ you can say goodbye to paper receipts too. Your customers electronically sign for their delivery on the driver's smartphone and get their receipt via email. Read more >>

Delivery IQ for Drivers

Delivery IQ is a user-friendly app that makes delivery operations more efficient and helps your drivers streamline their runs, communicate with their customers on the go, and increase their tips. Read more >>

Delivery IQ for Restaurants

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Email customization

TargetMarket? lets you send fully customizable and targeted email campaigns. Read more >>

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a convenient gift solution for your customers. FoodTec supports both plastic gift cards and e-Gifts depending on your needs. Read more >>


Simplify inventory management with count scheduling, store-to-store transfers, and automated purchase orders to ensure optimal inventory usage and higher profitability for your restaurant or chain. Read more >>

Marketing Calendar

The Marketing Calendar helps you manage and execute your email marketing efficiently. Read more >>


Run surveys to collect customer data and then use this information to send them targeted coupon emails. Read more >>

Unique Coupons

The Unique Coupons app automatically creates one-time coupon codes you can include in your promo emails send to your customers. Read more >>

Vendor Integration

When your vendors are integrated with your FoodTec Inventory, the purchase process is simpler and much faster. At the same time, costly inventory errors are minimized. Read more >>

DW Dashboard

The Data Warehouse Dashboard puts under one roof enterprise reports, making it easy for you to manage your business. Read more >>

Group Ordering

Group ordering is fun, easy, and it drives up sales! Turn single-customer orders into large-group ones easily. No more time-consuming office rounds for checking who's ordering what Read more >>

Inventory Reports

Inventory reports help you monitor inventory usage and waste and make it easier to optimize its usage to achieve reduced costs and higher profitability. Read more >>

Menu Manager

FoodTec's Menu Manager, a chain-friendly solution, lets you change your menu across multiple stores easily and accurately. Read more >>

Menu Sampling Badges

The Menu Sampling Loyalty Badges is a scheme available in your Loyalty license that lets your customers earn virtual badges by sampling menu items. Read more >>

Mobile Apps

Offer ease, speed, and simplicity. Offer a mobile app to your customers today. Read more >>

Sales Forecast

FoodTec's Sales Forecast helps you plan your work schedule and inventory efficiently, making sure your restaurant can meet customer demand. Read more >>

Web Scheduler

Create and manage your work schedule easier and faster than ever with Web Scheduler, a web-based application by FoodTec. Read more >>

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